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About us

The aim of the Foundation for the Restauration of the Historical Ockenburgh Country Estate (SHBO) is to maintain the Ockenburgh estate and develop it on a small-scale, broad-based and sustainable manner for the future. The foundation has an ANBI-status. This goal will be achieved through combining the efforts of those who hold Ockenburgh close to their hearts.

We want to restore the country estate and give it a fitting social, educational and cultural role which will make it self-sufficient in the future. This will guarantee the future of the historical estate. We are joining forces to achieve this goal and working together with the municipality of The Hague, the Province of Zuid Holland, private individuals, local socially-engaged organisations, sponsors and the Scouting Association. Watch this video for more clarity about our initiative.
Our foundation embraces these three principles:

  • History: Restauration and low-threshold conversion of the historic Ockenburgh Country Estate
  • People: To let everyone contribute in his or her way! Volunteers, experienced seniors as  coaches for youngsters, interns and professionals. Donors and friends of the foundation are also welcome. In short, community involvement is at the heart of both the foundation and Brasserie OCK.
  • Natura: To keep construction to a minimum in the Natura 2000 area.

To realize this plan, Brasserie OCK has been introduced into Villa Ockenburgh and a programme of events planned to draw attention to Ockenburgh.
Brasserie OCK is no ordinary catering establishment. It is an involved community effort with the aim of: creating a meeting place, an educational and inspirational venue, and maintaining the historical villa. To achieve this, we are working with paid staff, volunteers and students. A part of the turnover will go towards the foundation for the maintenance of the historic Ockenburgh Estate to ensure the development and future of this beautiful spot.

What has been done up till now
After years of uncertainly about the future of the Ockenburgh Estate, a number of involved parties drew up Plan B. Plan B came together to create the “Stichting tot Behoud van de Historische Buitenplaats Ockenburgh (SHBO)”  (the Foundation for the Future of the Historic Ockenburgh Estate) which works together with various parties for the renovation of the Ockenburgh Estate.

We are going to ensure that things happen at the Ockenburgh Estate and create awareness. A programme for cultural, sporting and social activities which support Brasserie OCK is in the making.

We invite you to read our mission(click here).

The programme will develop with time and in response to the demands. Here are some of the proposed plans: a monthly food market, the erection of a woodwork hut, a personnel agency for social welfare work, the establishment of a fruit and vegetable garden behind the villa, and much more. Chalet Ockenburgh will soon have new residents. The Scouting Association ‘De Rimboejagers’ would like take up residence here. A wonderful base for their activities.

We are on the eve of a great future for the Ockenburgh Estate; a future which we can all play a role in determining. Would you like to give us a hand?

The Ockenburgh Country Estate will continue to maintain a low threshold and remain that way. The environment will be respected and its history will be recalled…

Play your part in making Ockenburgh Estate happen for all of us!

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